In the four decades of political turmoil in Somalia, many institutions that collected data and provided information to guide decision-making were affected. Although Somalia formed a government in 2012, it is still struggling to figure out the way forward for the country. Crucial information needed to make progressive decisions is usually not readily available and affects the quality of decision output. FinnSom Society researches challenges facing Somalia to guide international organizations and the Federal government in making quality decisions. Such an initiative improves the standard of living of the local people.

In most of the humanitarian crises facing Somalia, many people end up suffering. Part of the reason relates to a lack of proper planning, which is dependent on concluded research information. For instance, in early 2019, more than 4000,000 people were affected by floods leading to the displacement of more than 100,000 people[i]. If data was available before the floods, the number of people affected could not be that high since early preparation could have been carried out. On concluded researches of problems facing Somalia conducted by FinnSom Society and other international organizations, data suggest Somalia needs urgent assistance to alleviate the current humanitarian crises.

FinnSom Society calls for the assistance of Somalis living in the diaspora, international organizations, governments, and concerned stakeholders to come together and fund research projects that are crucial in making informed decisions to assist Somalia’s recovery process.

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