Peace building

Peace building

Although Somalia was able to form a government in 2012, the ongoing civil war in the country that is nearly four decades old continues to hamper the growth and development of the economy. As a result of a long period of civil war, the Federal and member state government need enough assistance and effort to exert sovereign influence throughout the country. FinnSom society acknowledges the essence of peace in reconstructing Somalia’s social, political, and economic aspects and works with international stakeholders and Somalis in diaspora in several peacebuilding projects in Somalia.

FinnSom society peacebuilding initiatives promote good governance, the rule of law, and justice in Somalia to facilitate a swift recovery and establish a favorable environment where locals can lead a sustainable life. In a peaceful Somalia, the government and locals can freely engage in economic activities, which will enable the country to compete effectively with other African countries. FinnSom society calls for international organizations, governments, concerned stakeholders, and particularly Somalis in diaspora in realizing peace and stability in Somalia.

Based on the ongoing, and already completed peacebuilding initiatives, Somalia relies heavily on international aid and Somalis in the diaspora to restore peace by establishing relevant political and governmental organs that contribute to capacity building and full economic recovery throughout Somalia. FinnSom society peacebuilding initiatives in collaboration with relevant stakeholders include; empowering communities through grassroots community engagement, education empowerment, cultural exchange, humanitarian effort coordination, fundraising, and local resource mobilization.

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