Gender Equity

Gender Equity

Political turmoil in Somalia that led to the collapse of the government and institutions that oversee human rights gave room for human rights abuse by outlawed militia groups operating in the country. Effects of the absence of a government, such as increased violence, displacements, and consequences of climatic change such as drought and, famine have made life more difficult for Somali women and children. Currently, Somalia is one of the least ranked nations across the world regarding gender equity. FinnSom society, through its initiatives across Somalia, is dedicated to advocating for gender equity and attaining equal development opportunities for both genders, especially women.

Similar to contributions made by women in developed nations, women in Somalia have the potential to play a crucial role in the recovery, growth, and development of the country’s economy. FinnSom society gender-based projects work toward equipping women with knowledge and skills that contribute to self-reliance and general improvement of the economy. Also, FinnSom society dedicates its efforts to creating a favorable environment that allows both genders to harmoniously co-exist and collaborate efforts to improve the country’s general state.

FinnSom society requests the support of international organizations and Somalis in the diaspora in realizing gender equity in Somalia.  Currently, FinnSom Society is working on several gender-based projects in Somalia, including addressing Gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, more education opportunities for girls, equal economic and employment opportunity for Somali women.

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