The impact of climatic change on the environment is a global issue affecting the lives of many people. In the past decade, increased human activities across the earth have resulted in high emissions of greenhouse gases leading to global warming. Such climatic changes have over the years resulted in a shift of weather patterns, which affects the environment. The impact of climatic change in Somalia are more severe and result in humanitarian crises since, unlike other nations, Somali lacks necessary ready institutions and resources to combat such challenges. FinnSom society works with international organizations, governments, and the Federal government of Somalia in environmental initiatives that assist Somalia in planning ahead of challenges such as floods and drought that are synonymous to Somalia. 

In May 2021, floods were experienced across Somalia and affected more than 400,000, leading to the internal displacement of more than 100,000 people[i]. Such challenges integrated with the ongoing political turmoil result in humanitarian crises requiring immediate attention. FinnSom society requests Somalis in the diaspora to come together and assist our brothers and sisters back home through funding and transferring knowledge and skills to combat environmental challenges. FinnSom society has several projects in Somalia, such as resource mobilization and educating locals of eco-friendly practices that have the potential of reducing the impacts of climatic change.

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