Entrepreneurship is one of the approaches FinnSom society uses to kickstart the reconstruction process, enhance growth and development in Somalia. Decades of civil war have affected the country’s entrepreneurial activities leading to a lack of development. FinnSom Society realizes the role Somali diaspora can play to influence entrepreneurship activities from previous carried activities. Funds sent back home by Somalis in the diaspora contribute to the growth and development of the country: the educated and experienced Somalis returning home transfer their skills, knowledge, and experience, which influence entrepreneurship growth. Many Somali diaspora professionals in education, medicine, media, and others are running projects in Somalia that contribute positively to entrepreneurship since it leads to skills transfer.

Although the Somali community in Finland has contributed to changing the socio-economic dynamic of Somalia over the years, not much impact has been realized. Somalia projects from Finland are usually carried out individually, leading to a lack of records to track Finland’s support to Somalia. To improve the situation, FinnSom Society coordinates efforts and assistance of the Finland Somalia community, Finland’s government, and its people to enhance entrepreneurship growth and development. Activities coordinated by FinnSom Society include technology transfers, knowledge exchange, access to international capital, and increased trade links.

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