On the onset of the civil war in Somalia and the resultant migration is said to have caused brain drains with its negative impact on service provisions  across all sector but currently the returning of the Somali diaspora is reversing the trend therefore in order to benefit maximumly FinnSom  encourage and support the diaspora skill and expertise for  developmental impact on the entire institutions and sectors of the economy in Somalia with no waste of skills and expertise of the finish Somalia by fully mobilizing them, figuring their respective talents and area of expertise and then facilitating areas where they can play an active role in contributing thus FinnSom works of ways to maximize finish somalis benefits to the stabilization and development of Somalia while at the same time ensuring that the knowledge is left behind once the diaspora experts complete their assignment.   

The Society can organize fund-raising campaigns, collect membership fees, and receive donations thus to maintain the  legacies to finance its activities FinnSom will mobilize financial resources, in order to contribute to the stabilization and development of Somalia through local and diaspora expertise so as provides the necessary mechanisms to improve institutional performance and their capacity to respond to the needs of the Somali people as a whole.

so far FinnSom contributed their own funding to various projects and intends to continue with such efforts to ensure the Somali diaspora in Finland continue playing a key role in the development cooperation carried out by CSOs 

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